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Antique English Fire Mark Brass Sign Plaque Female with Spear Shield & Harp - Antique Flea Finds
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Antique English Fire Mark Plaque Female with Spear Shield & Harp Brass Sign

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Antique English Brass Fire Mark Plaque Sign with a Female carrying a Spear, Shield, and Harp. Numbered 50543 - A great Insurance Firemark plaque to add to your collection.
Measures 6 1/8" x 8 1/4"
In Antique As Found Condition with aged patina - some verdigris
Very Heavy Weight Piece
The following is the history on the British Fire Mark Plaques
For most of the 18th century, each insurance company maintained its own fire brigade, which extinguished fires in those buildings insured by the company and, in return for a fee to be paid later, in buildings insured by other companies. By 1825, fire marks served more as advertisements than as useful identifying marks; some insurance companies no longer issued fire marks, and those that did sometimes left them up after a policy had expired. Successive combinations of fire brigades led to virtually the entire city of London being put under the protection of the London Fire Engine Establishment, which fought not only the fires of policy holders but those of non subscribers, the reason being that fires in uninsured buildings could rapidly spread to insured buildings.

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