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About me

Thank you for visiting Antique Flea Finds! My name is Jill Tweed and I've had a passion for collecting and selling antiques since the day that I attended the Portobello Road Market in London, England, many years ago. I didn't know at that time that I would eventually have my own antique business. I have an eye for beautiful objects and a keen sense for the thrill of the hunt, the combination of the two led me to start buying and selling antiques in 2013.  While my own website is relatively new,  I have been selling on another site called Etsy for the past 3 years. I have had over 3500 sales on Etsy and an excellent feedback rating. I take great pride in the unique collection of European treasures that you will find in my shop. I enjoy the interaction with many customers who have become my friends, that share in my love of all of the antique finds. My appreciation for the details and the history behind each piece inspires me, as I hope it does you as well.

I am a single mom of two amazing kids who are my biggest fans and I theirs. They have supported me and this dream to build this business after a divorce a few years ago. They delight in my success and motivate me each and every day with their love. I could not have done it without them. I am a breast cancer survivor, this is not a defining attribute, but yet another part of my life that has given me a fighting spirit. My faith in God has been my saving grace, and I am thankful to Him every day for giving me the opportunity to do what I love, surrounded by those that I love!

Click on the Blog link, and you can read a story about me and my business that The Dallas Morning News recently wrote about me.

As my business has continued to grow, building my own website was the next step of faith along this journey of love for the "Antique Flea Finds".

In the drop down menu, under the heading "More" - there is a link to my Etsy shop Vintage Flea Finds - here you can find additional antique items and see my feedback.

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